Friday, 27 May 2011

Where Are Muslims In The World? Islamic Articles

It is quite an important question of the time that where exactly are Muslims in the world? If these people are really Muslims and Quran is the last scripture by God then why are Muslims all over the world going through this downfall.


Conflicting ideologies and beliefs:

Muslims apart from the threats of the world powers are now in a struggle for retaining their identities all over the world. The reasons of this point where you can’t even distinguish between Muslim and kafir are based on the following three components:

• Ideologies

• Beliefs

• Manners

Talking about the preservation of identity the greatest threat is the lack of leadership in the Muslims. On the other hand Muslims on the grass root level are fighting back for preservation of the binding and guiding school of Muslim’s coming generation called a family circle. There is no guidance for the coming generation, leading them to the mist of confusion at the present state of mind and ruthless truth of loss of identity. There is nowhere in this world where a Muslim can stand up with pride, with pride of being a Muslim. Conflicting ideologies, beliefs and manners are the main factors of this recessive phase that Muslims are presently facing.

Classification of Muslims of the present time:

Trying hard to cut the ice can be difficult for the Muslims of present time as they are themselves not sure where they are leading too. Most of the Muslims don’t even know the meaning of Muslim.

• Muslims who are not aware of their identity at all.

• Muslims who are aware but tend to follow the satin for worldly desire.

• Muslims who tend to follow a political leader who calls himself a Muslim leader and stay ignorant.

• Muslims who concentrate on their sects and don’t think of Muslims as one nation.

• Muslims who are busy in blaming others and don’t see the speck in their own eyes.

• Muslims who have never read Quran other than Arabic and don’t know what is written in Quran, though they do read Arabic Quran.

• Muslims who never read Quran.

• Muslims who never indulge in the implementation of Islam in the lives and also don’t ask their children to do so.

• Muslims who are happy to follow the west and tend to mix the teachings of Islam with likings and disliking.

• Muslims who think that if they pray five times a day they are Muslims and ignore the rest of the teachings of Islam.

• Muslims who don’t worship as they think it’s not important, there are other tasks in the lives more important.

• Muslims who classify extremism as Islam.

• Muslims who mix cultural practices with Islamic practices.

• Muslims don’t participate in social implementation of Islam.

• Muslims who want to be too liberal.

• Muslims who are too conservative.

• Muslims who have no knowledge about Islam at all.

• Muslims who don’t bother to get knowledge about Islam at all.

How to get out of this depressive state:

The Muslims would stay in this stage of stress until they themselves get out of it. It is very important to understand the meaning of identity of Islam. Define your ideologies, practices and manners in accordance with the teachings of Islam. They need to get as much knowledge as possible through Quran. The main reason of this stage is that Muslims do not have enough knowledge about Islam because they don’t enlighten there ways with Quranic teachings. This is what differentiates from the kufars.

Factors that can make a difference in the Islamic world:

In every time there have been reasons for which mankind has been deviated. But still there are factors that can hold the people back on the track. In the case of Islam knowledge is the power that can improve the condition of the Muslims. Following are the factors that affect the society as a whole in the present time:

• Education

• Media

• World politics.

Thus Muslims have to make themselves strong at the grass root level to make a difference on a political and global level


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