Friday, 27 May 2011

Similarities Between The Religion Islam And Christianity Islamic Articles



Islam and Christianity are the two largest religions dominating the world, yet following the same baseline which reflects “Belief in One God.” It’s surprising to know how much similarity and connection both these monotheistic religions carry. Let’s throw some light on these similarities:

The Fateha & The Lord’s Prayer:

“The Lord’s Prayer” in the bible and the “Sura Al-Fateha” in the Quran are universal prayers. After careful observation, we can see that both the prayers carry the similar meaning with only the difference of language.

Belief on Jesus

Both Muslims and Christians recognize the Jesus. Both believe that Jesus was sinless and born of the Virgin Mary. Both religions accept that Jesus preformed miracles and was crucified and raised up to God. The difference is only in the belief where Muslims see Jesus as a highly regarded prophet, while Christians take Him as God Himself.

Belief in the World Hereafter

Islam and Christianity are united on the concept of the doomsday. Both believe that existence of this World is finite, but man does not know when the World will come to an end. Jesus Christ will return when the World ends and at that time Satan and his servants will be defeated. Believers who die will go to heaven and live forever, while Disbelievers will go to hell to be punished.

Similarity in Prayer

Prayer is an integral part of both the religions. Both religions facilitate the communication of man with God through prayer. Prayer can be conducted at any time and special times also exist to make sure man develops the habit to pray. Praying aids like “tasbeeh” in Islam and “rosary” in Christianity are also used which resemble a string of beads.


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