Friday, 27 May 2011

Marriage with Qur’an, a Sinful Act in Islam Islamic Articles

The Concept

large number of feudal in backward areas had married their daughters to the Quran. The ceremony takes place after the girl of the family is asked to take a bath, after which a Qur’an is put before her as the men folk apologize to her for the ritual which would condemn the girl never to get married but to read the Quran every day.

Reasons for Marrying with Qur’an

These sorts of marriages are conducted to prevent their share of the land going to them and thus avoid redistribution of land.

Another reason is that poor parents are not able to find perfect match for their daughter so to prevent her for disgrace, they marry her with Qur’an.

Those who are not so rich to pay dowry to their daughters find it easy to marry her with Qur’an to keep away from humiliating gossips about them.

Islamic Rulings

These marriages are totally illegitimate in Islam and have nothing to do with the religion. This is all about power, control and extreme of ignorance.  Women are not valued enough to consider how their entire lives, and any dreams or hopes they might have had, their lives are ruined by a ‘tradition’ that is inhumane and beyond any rational explanation.

Islam never allows coming off from the world for the sake of religion.  how can one claim that it is right or allowable?  Although Islam requires complete devotion towards religion and Quran Recitation is obligated to all Muslims but this is abusive to marry a girl with Qur’an to make her recite it daily.

Islam doesn’t give men unbounded power to ill-treat women when he is given the status of leader of the house’.  Islam does not want sheep for its disciples. men are required to protect women from abuses, not to legalize what has been illegal in Islamic societies.


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