Friday, 27 May 2011

The Inner Teachings of Islam Islamic Articles



Religion is the most important attribute of human’s life whether he is Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew or belongs to any other religion. The deed a man commits reflects how much a religion is dominating on his character. Every religion has two types of teachings for its follower.

  1. Internal Teachings
  2. External Teachings

Inner Teaching is communicated in metaphoric way; we have to discover it using our brains and knowledge. The symbol for Islam is the Sun, the Moon, and the Star. The Sun, Moon, and Star represent Man, the walking Trinity, who is created in the Image and the Likeness of God.

All natural phenomenons represent the presence of God. The dawn and the sunset, changing weathers, creation of Mountains, flow of oceans, rain, growth of plants and sea creatures, natural calamities and disasters all symbolize that there is One God who is making this universe to work according to some plan.

Our earth is rotating and revolving in systematic way making life possible for all creatures. There are so many planets in the galaxy heaving unknown number of different living beings which are still to be discovered by man.

In the Quran, people are summoned to contemplate numerous events and objects that clearly testify to the existence and uniqueness of God and His attributes. This, indeed, is the responsibility of mankind: to be able to see the signs of God.  Thus, such a person will come to know the Creator who created him and all other things, draw closer to Him, discover the meaning of his existence and his life and so prosper.

The inner teachings demand us to discover the realities about world, to testify that there is only one God, Allah, who is running the system of this universe through angels who act according to the commandments of Lord.


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