Friday, 27 May 2011

Itikaf – An Act of Worship for the Fasting Month Islamic Articles

We as Muslims are to learn and practice the very ISLAM that is told by us by our Beloved prophet (SAWS) and our Creator, The One & Only and The Lord For the entire universe, ALLAH (SWT) has made it as an obligation to understand and the true religion of its kind which is for sure better than any other religion.

Thus the time has come for our ummah to understand the importance of such things which have been widely accepted and practiced in the past, but as time passed their understanding and practice has diminished which is quite depressing. For this reason today we are to know the importance of ITIKAF in the month of Fasting, Ramadan.

Yes, that is right fasting is one of the important pillars in ISLAM and this comes in the month of Ramadan which is told to us by several Hadith and Quran verses that the Month of Ramadan is a true blessing to the mankind and those who want to seek mercy, forgiveness and blessings should pray and worship in abundance to please their Lord, ALLAH (SWT).

This is where performing ITIKAF provides the ultimate spiritual retreat to make things happen for you and this is an ultimate opportunity to devote oneself to the maximum limits of submission and this is where one is left with no other diversions or thoughts but to stay at Mosque refraining from the daily worries of life and praying to ALLAH (SWT) for HIS mercy.

Our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) said: “The persons who secludes himself (in the Masjid in I’tikaf) in true faith and hope (for the reward of Allah), all of his previous sins shall be forgiven.” (Kanzul Ummal, Hadith 24007)

This is what you are to understand that ISLAM began its journey from devotion and the revelation started from ITIKAF and this is where Allah (SWT) said: “And when We made the House a pilgrimage for mankind and a (place of) security, and said, ‘Appoint for yourselves a place of prayer on the standing-place of Ibrahim [Maqam-e-Ibrahim].’ And We enjoined Ibrahim and Ismail saying: ‘Purify My House for those who visit (it) and those who abide (in it) for devotion, those who bow down (and) those who prostrate themselves.’ (Suratul Baqarah (2), Verse 125)

Thus the importance of ITIKAF is to be understood and practiced with ultimate succession as Allah (SWT) has promised great rewards, but to qualify for those you are to perform this act of worship in accordance with devotion and purity of your heart in the special month of Ramadan. May ALLAH (SWT) help you achieve what you seek (AMEEN).


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