Friday, 27 May 2011

Special Deeds of Our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) in Ramadan Islamic Articles




Ramadan is the month at whom arrival, Muslims are delightful and the entire environment, the aroma around the entire neighborhood changes that makes it even more predictive that The Month of Blessings and Mercy has began where uplift in faith results in more attention towards prayers, worship, Quran recitation & a clear inclined in sins is the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan with its blessing offers such opportunities that entire Muslims Umah change their timings / routine for eating, standing in prayer, sleeping as they do not seek anything else but forgiveness with complete submission to Allah (SWT). Seeking blessings, mercy and forgiveness for the life herein and hereafter as the result of a month long ritual of devotion, piety and abstinence.


It is of the fact that many of us Muslims prepare for the very special month and it is of a fact that the diverse cultures are to establish and make certain aspects prevail in their own role playing duties. Special worshipping and praying in Ramadan may affect their practice as the timings of office

On the other hand a school / college student may find it difficult to set aside their studies however praying and Quran Recitation should be done with Taraweeh, while house wives find themselves busy preparing food and managing households, but may visit the ladies morning in which one daily Juz of Quran is studied.


We as Muslims are provided with certain aspects of life which are perfect in every sense and if one is unable to understand the benefits does not stop to come and this is where one is to examine and learn the life of our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) for which HE practiced to be more:

  • Generous: Narrated Ibn Abbas: “The Prophet was the most generous amongst the people, and he used to be more so in the month of Ramadan when Jibreel visited him, and Jibreel used to meet him on every night of Ramadan till the end of the month. The Prophet used to recite the Qur’an to Jibreel, and when Jibreel met him, he used to be more generous than a fast wind (which causes rain and welfare).” (Al-Bukhari, 3/31, no. 126)
  • Quran Recitation: The Prophet (SAWS) use to recite Quran to Jibreel every night in Ramadan by which it use to recite Quran and memorize the entire revelation upon Him till that time.
  • Secluded Worship for last ten days of Ramadan: “The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) would go into seclusion for (the last) 10 days during the month of Ramadan, but the year in which he passed away he went into seclusion for 20 days.” (Al-Bukhari)

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