Friday, 27 May 2011

What Is Islam And Who Are The Muslims – The Truth Revealed… Islamic Articles

Islam, the second biggest religion of the world after Christianity has around 1.2 billion followers who call themselves Muslims. Day by day, the circle if Islam is widening at quite a commendable rate, i.e. 2.9% increase in its followership per year, which is amazingly higher than the number of births which is increasing at a rate of only 2.3% yearly.

This increasing popularity of the religion has made many people probe deeper into what actually Islam is and who are the real Muslims? Where media of the west is constantly seeding the young minds with a negative concept of Islam, it still remains one of the biggest religions of the world with a tremendous number of supporters.

This is what “YOU” think about Islam and Muslims:

When the questions like “What is Islam?” or “Who are the Muslims?” are raised, the only answers you’ll get are “Islam is the religion of war and Muslims are the terrorists”. But there is more to Islam than such false accusations, and people round the Globe are advised to explore it themselves and then judge the true character of Islam and Muslims – you’ll be shocked by how different your answers will be when compared to what the western media portrays!

The Holy Quran and the religion Islam say something else – Whereas the west is busy propagating its own established fake story regarding this sacred religion. It wouldn’t be wise for you to judge something unless you don’t know about it, and it’s your responsibility as an individual to find out why so many Muslims are following Islam with all their hearts and mind, and to find out the force uniting these Muslims despite the bogus claims made against their religion. If nothing else, this finding will at least let you know 22% of the world’s population much better!


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