Friday, 27 May 2011


Reported, Islamabad-Pakistan:

It is a moment of sigh and grief as this is the time to help those people who are left all alone with nothing at all and when we say nothing we mean there is no shelter to take refuge in, no food to eat, no clean water that one can quench the dry throat with and no personal belongings to worry about and all this is connected with one thing which is directly attributed to nature in front of whom we are unable to do anything.


Weather Effecting Millions:

Millions are affected by the devastating nature call hit on Pakistan last week making it the most worst flood hit in the region ever and the level of destruction caused by the flood cannot be approximated till yet passing a week and there are still reports coming in for the increasing effecters and their losses.

Starting from the very basic monsoon rains cause the entire country suffer making millions of people homeless as the entire villages are washed with the current of flood erasing their very existence from the earth. Where the lives of people involved in these parts are at risk similarly there have been many issues requiring attention.

Consequences of Flooding:

Due to flood in the country many are left with no option than wait on mercy of ALLAH (SWT) and seek help from Him as said one might sound optimistic to the entire given scenario as no roads and disturbed transportation system we are to ponder on ones belief that what shall be done in such a situation.

Every remoteness that comes in creates a new target to achieve and this is what people/rescuers round the clock have been trying to achieve helping one and another to make the real difference. Where there are 20 million of flood effectees awaiting your attention.


Immediate Medical Help Required:

It is recently reported that people are getting exposed to diarrhea and cholera which is spreading rapidly in the region thus making it a compulsion to acquire immediate medical help which nonetheless Government of Pakistan is trying to provide that is a little slow in response at the moment.


RAMADAN is Approaching:

As we all know Pakistan is a Muslims country and the time of devotion and blessings is approaching for the month of Ramadan which requires all believers to fast. Thinking of which people are already experiencing such sufferings that how can we ever think that our brothers and sisters all out there needing our help.


Yes that is right all of you out there who are of this fact that people effected by such flooding who lost their everything and remain to be helpless awaiting things to be better, we are expected to make a difference and this is where you should seek to contribute your share as much as possible.

Let’s make a difference as much as we could and help our brothers and sisters in need and make this Ramadan a special one.


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