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The Quran is very clear in explaining the definition of the word
Islam.  What
does it mean and what does it stand for.  The uniqueness of this word
is - that it is not named after any person (in this case our
Prophet).  It means total surrender or submission to Allah (God). 


was the religion even before our Prophet Mohammed was born (pbuh) as
is evidenced in The Quran in reference to 42:13.


 "The same
religion (Islam or submission and surrender) has He established for
you (referring to Mohammed (p) that which He enjoined on Noah.  That
which We have send as inspiration to you (Mohammed pbuh) and that
which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses and Jesus (and all Prophets are
implied) : That you should stay steadfast in religion and make no
divisions therein. (this means work for the unity of humankind because
the commonality in all religions is submission and surrender to ONE
CREATOR)  As for those who worship other than God they are on (hard)
wrong way to call from.  God chooses and guides those whom He wills
towards Him.


Commentary:  According to this if a Christian, a Jew or any believer
in One Supreme Being says “we surrender or submit to God.”  They are
falling within the definition of the word Islam.  The art of surrender
or submission is called Islam.  This art of submission/surrender was
shown to all the Prophets and their people as evidenced in The Quran

14:4 &


Islam is very inclusive and broad in its definition.  Muslims believe
in Allah and take Mohammed (pbuh) as their messenger, just as
Christians and Jews believe in the same God and take Jesus and Moses
as their respective messengers. However Muslims believe in all the
prophets from Jewish and Christian scriptures. One must refrain from
judging other believers the depth of surrendering or submission of
other believers. God is THE ONLY JUDGE. 


3:85, “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be
accepted of him.”   Here the definition of Islam must be taken in its
global context of surrendering and submission to One and Only One God.


Anyone who says, “We believe in One God” is a Believer.  Let God be
the ultimate judge. Humans will never have perfect knowledge to judge


A Muslim is a person who says, “There is no God but One God (Allah)
and Mohammed (pbuh) is a messenger of God.


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